In The Australian 13 August 2011 >>>>

“This collection of old and new writings contains observations full of a keen and undiminished curiosity. It will be a joy to those who have not come across Clare’s musings before, and will bring back pleasant memories for those who have enjoyed his writing as a music reviewer and general critic over the years.” Josh Mei-Ling Dubrau

The Sydney Morning Herald 6 August 2011 >>>>

“In Clare’s writing, often the subject at hand is just an excuse to discuss more important matters, such as the Indonesian lunch he was having at the time – fish fried ”hard as board” and meat ”impregnated with spices!” Clare gives you the look, the taste, the guilty relish it provokes and something else, too, something very difficult to put into words.” Sam Bungey

The Age (‘Off the Shelf’) on Saturday 16 July:

[Not available online] “Best of all, perhaps, is the long piece that gives the collection its title, a minute-by-minute account offlying from Sydney to Lismore in which Clare’s superb gifts of observation and phrasing take flight in all their improvisational precision.” Owen Richardson

June 2011 on the extempore website >>>>

“All our parents warned us about the pitfalls of becoming a writer, becoming a musician, and the rest. We are indeed fortunate that a few ignore this well-meant advice. We are also fortunate that, moreover, that some of those who do dare to step outside the white picket fenced rat race are able to lift their fellows just that little bit higher, at least for a while. John Clare’s many accomplishments as a jazz musician and critic, as well as author, poet and journalist have greatly enriched this country’s cultural life.” D. Byrne

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